Paul van Gerven
7 July 2020

Quix has secured a capital injection to further the development of its photonic quantum processors (link in Dutch). Venture capitalist firm and development agency Oost NL are investing an undisclosed amount in the University of Twente (UT) spin-off.

Credit: Quix

Photonic quantum processors work by directing photons through a matrix of photonic components on a chip, during which quantum mechanical interactions take place. From these interactions emerges non-classical processing power. Quix believes its processors are the fastest route to realize quantum computing devices that can solve real-life problems.

“The functionality and programmability of the Quix quantum photonic processors have already been demonstrated by UT researchers, and more powerful processors are now being developed. These processors will enable the deployment of the first quantum algorithms capable of solving complex real-world problems in, amongst others, the fields of chemistry and cryptography,” states a press release.

Quix was founded in 2019 with pre-seed capital from four UT professors. The same year, it received an investment from Innovatiefonds Overijssel (managed by Oost NL), UT and several private investors.


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