Nieke Roos
6 September 2022

Solar car trailblazer Lightyear has received 81 million euros in additional capital. The injection ensures production targets of the company’s model 0 and steers development for model 2. It will also support work to accelerate access to clean mobility, backing pivotal next steps toward international expansion beyond Europe.

Lightyear 0
Credit: Lightyear

Part of these latest funds comes from a public consortium, which is anchored by impact investor Invest-NL (with a €25M contribution) and includes the province of North Brabant (€7.5M), its regional development agency BOM (€5M) and Limburg counterpart LIOF. Additional money comes from new private funds and follow-up investments from SHV and Dela. They join an existing group of partnerships and investors, including Bridgestone, Koenigsegg, Leaseplan, Valmet Automotive and NXP.

Following the global premiere of the Lightyear 0 in June, the company has been laying crucial inroads for the Lightyear 2. The R&D plied into the first model gives this next model a headstart, not only in creating an even more efficient and capable car but also in making it more accessible with a competitive market price, starting at 30,000 euros. Leasing and car-sharing companies Leaseplan and Mywheels have each already reserved 5,000 vehicles. The goal is to bring the Lightyear 2 to the market by 2025.