Collin Arocho
7 November 2019

Lionix announced they’ve set a new record for hybrid integrated lasers. According to the Twente-based photonics experts, they were able to do this by combining their low-loss silicon-nitride-based platform, known as Triplex, with active indium phosphide components, to create a narrow linewidth and tunable laser.

Credit: Lionix

With the combination of platforms, the company’s laser set a new record high for on-chip optical power at 20.7 dBm, while still being tunable over nearly 120 nm and showing a high side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) of more than 50 dB. The high output power of this laser and its low relative intensity noise (RIN) are ideal to achieve an efficient link gain in an analog photonic link, while simultaneously having a low noise figure.