Collin Arocho
5 September 2019

Koolen Industries has charged Gerben Hilboldt as the company’s next CTO. Hilboldt, an electric car specialist, is the founder and former 18-year-CEO of Sioux Logena (formerly Logena Automotive). At Koolen Industries, he’ll oversee the coordination of research, development and technology integration to bolster the energy solution conglomerate’s efforts to solve global mobility challenges.

Koolen CTO
Kees Koolen, the CEO of Koolen Industries, and his new CTO, Gerben Hilboldt. Credit: Koolen Industries

Koolen and its new CTO share a passion for motorsports, where efficiency, weight reduction and intelligent applications of technology are vital for success, just as in electric vehicle development. “Our work to facilitate the transition to clean mobility solutions, which include both electric vehicles as well as the infrastructure and services required, will make it easier for people to travel in sustainable ways,” says Hilboldt.