Paul van Gerven
29 September

Eindhoven-based Mantispectra has secured 4 million euros in funding to further the commercialization of its integrated photonics-based sensor technology. The spinoff from Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a spectral sensor chip, enabling portable and cost-effective material analysis equipment that can be used for composition measurements on the spot rather than in the lab. Applications include agrifood production processes, differentiating plastics and fibers in recycling facilities, process analytics for real-time control and adding new functionality to consumer devices.

Mantispectra corn
Is the corn ready for harvest? Credit: Mantispectra

The money from the recent investment round, led by Innovation Industries and Photonventures, will be utilized to scale the startup’s semiconductor platform and help existing customers toward mass production. Mantispectra aims to accelerate the scale-up of the fabrication phase, increase its production capacity to support high-volume application cases and develop database libraries for turn-key solutions. The company says it already has customers and partners actively using its spectral platform in more than twenty countries.