Alexander Pil
10 March 2020

Marc Hendrikse, NTS top executive, will resign as of 1 August. As director of Te Strake, he was one of the architects behind the merger with Nebato into what’s now the NTS-Group. Since the end of 2007, Hendrikse has been CEO of the company, which has grown strongly in recent years to reach a turnover of around 280 million euros in 2019. NTS expects to announce a replacement shortly.

NTS Marc Hendrikse
Credit: NTS

“Controllable growth is important for a high-tech supplier such as NTS in the coming years,” Hendrikse states in an explanation of his departure. “Our customers are growing and expect their suppliers to grow at the same pace. That’s not always easy, because you have to do that in a controlled way and want to remain sufficiently profitable. Further integration with Norma still requires management’s attention over the next two years. With these developments in prospect, I thought it was time to pass on the baton to a successor.”

Hendrikse indicates that he’s not available for a new CEO role at another company. He will, however, continue his commissionerships and board positions. He’s the figurehead of the top sector High Tech Systems and Materials (link in Dutch) and chairman of the supervisory board of Fontys University of Applied Sciences. “I’d like to support people who are at the helm, instead of being at it myself.”

Looking back, Hendrikse describes the first half of 2009 as the toughest time in his NTS period. “There was a buyers’ strike because of the financial crisis,” he reminisces. “I had the feeling that we were skiing down a black slope, without an end in sight. Fortunately, it turned for the better.”


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