Jessica Vermeer
19 March 2020

Eyeware and Melexis have joined forces to create an advanced driver monitoring system (DMS). The DMS complements the Swiss company’s attention-monitoring technology, which uses the Ypres-based automotive specialist’s new MLX75027 3D time-of-flight (TOF) sensors to enable robust eye gaze and head tracking for driver monitoring.

Eyeware employs 3D TOF cameras to overcome the limitations of infrared-based tracking. The company has developed its algorithms using its own strategies, based on data-driven machine learning methods. This makes the solution applicable in low-power, cost-effective and compact sensors.

Eyeware Melexis

Gualtiero Bagnuoli of Melexis explains: “Our MLX75027 3D TOF sensor with VGA resolution, used in the demonstrator, employs a high modulation frequency of 20-100 MHz to drive the IR illumination. Along with the patented pixel design, this means the sensor is almost completely unaffected by light, resulting in robust and reliable operation under changing conditions, such as sunset.”

The data provided by the TOF sensor is used to further enhance the reliability of the head and gaze tracking capabilities of the system, enabling it to monitor a very wide range of head movements. The sensor requires a minimal footprint, allowing it to be integrated into the rear-view mirror assembly. Bagnuoli adds: “Although the resolution is lower than that of current driver monitoring system cameras, our DMS needs just one sensor to track both driver and passenger.”

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