Paul van Gerven
17 September 2019

Dutch companies and government need to invest an additional 34 million euros per year to retain the Netherlands’ leading position in the quantum technology race. That’s the outcome of an investigation by various stakeholders, which was presented as the National Agenda Quantum Technology (NAQT) to Economics Affairs secretary Mona Keijzer on Monday. Currently, the total annual budget of quantum programs is 69 million euros, which needs to be raised to about 103 million euros now that quantum research is starting to morph into technology development, the authors conclude.

The NAQT is about keeping the research top-notch, but also about how to – eventually – cash in on the technology. It harbors plans to develop a Dutch quantum ecosystem, set up educational and human capital programs and engage in public debate about the technology. This should result in Quantum Delta NL, an internationally acclaimed quantum node.

Secretary Keijzer promised to look into how to best implement the NAQT.

Qutech quantum chip
Credit: Qutech