Collin Arocho
15 July 2021

Less than a year after announcing the closing of a five-million-euro seed investment, neuromorphic processor developer Innatera Nanosystems is adding a big name to its board of directors. Looking to tap into his rich history within the semiconductor industry, the TU Delft spinoff has called on Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli to assume the position of chairman. The co-founder of electronic design automation powerhouses Cadence and Synopsys, Vincentelli has served on numerous boards for a number of high-profile companies the likes of Cadence, HP and STMicroelectronics.

Innatera chip
Credit: Innatera

Vincentelli’s arrival comes on the heels of Innatera revealing the details of its spiking neural processor (SNP) earlier this year. The radically new analog-mixed signal architecture closely mimics the mechanisms that our brain uses to condition and process sensory data. Using a massively parallel array of spiking neurons and synapses, Innatera’s design provides native acceleration for continuous-time spiking neural networks with fine-grained temporal dynamics. This allows the SNP architecture to realize high-fidelity signal processing and pattern recognition in real time, within a sub-milliwatt power budget.

“In a market that’s crowded by numerous semiconductor plays on AI, I’m excited by Innatera’s differentiated approach to achieving ultra-low power intelligence at the sensor edge,” says Vincentelli. “Success for a chip company follows from a combination of disruptive technology, flawless execution and a great team, and I believe Innatera is in the sweet spot.”