Paul van Gerven
31 January

Imec has launched a 50-million-euro investment fund for startups in the digital technology realm. The independently managed Imec.istart Future Fund will provide seed capital and series A and B funding of 100,000 to 250,000 euros, facilitating fast-growing companies in Imec’s Istart program.

“With the creation of this new fund, we can help the most promising digital startups from the Imec.istart family grow even faster into full-fledged growth companies,” says Sven De Cleyn, director of Imec.istart. “In this challenging financial and socioeconomic climate, we continue to build solutions to encourage entrepreneurship and grow young companies.”

Imec.istart Future Fund
Imec.istart manager Sven De Cleyn and Future Fund managers Ruth Janssens and Kris Vandenberk (left to right). Credit: Imec

The fund can count on investments from institutional parties such as PMV, Finance&, Noshaq and ING Belgium, and private parties such as COI, Imec, the family office of the Clarebout family, as well as some business angels and tech entrepreneurs from the Imec.istart program. After raising 25 million euros in a first round, the Future Fund can raise further capital in a second round up to a total order of magnitude of 50 million euros.