Collin Arocho
16 May 2019

30MHz, an Amsterdam-based agritech company, recently announced 3.5 million euros in new investment in their quest for sustainable farming. This injection of money, coming from Shift Invest and the Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund, is intended to accelerate product development and further improve the worldwide distribution of Zensie – their IoT solution for agricultural analytics.

The Zensie system is a platform that utilizes wireless sensors for the real-time monitoring of crops. With this platform, agri-businesses can look at both historical and current data, in order to take preventative measures against a wide range of risks, such as rot, sunscald and disease. By taking proactive measures to fight these threats, farmers can better ensure food health and quality, as well as deploy their resources in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

30MHz Zensie_web
Credit: 30MHz

The investment in 30MHz is also seen as a way to bring the entire sector into the future. By digitizing the process, providing real-time data, and encouraging communication among users, the potential for this system appears to be global. “This specific industry is ripe for DIY digitization. Zensie’s ease of use means that it will become the go-to product in the market,” says 30MHz CEO Jurg van Vliet, continuing, ”By working with our customers and partners, we’re looking forward to further developing the platform and thanks to this recent investment, we’re now able to further expand internationally.”