Collin Arocho
14 December 2020

In a new partnership, Neways will produce I-Med Technology’s innovative head-mounted digital loupe (HMDL) and the accompanying 3D viewer. Through the end of 2020, the Son-based company, which has been involved in the project since the early design phase, will supply the electronics for the first ten 3D viewers that its Maastricht customer is producing in-house. Starting in 2021, however, Neways’ Leeuwarden location will take over the entire production process.

Credit: I-Med Technology

At 280 grams, I-Med’s HMDL is a lightweight system that can be worn on the surgeon’s head, consisting of a fully digital surgical loupe/microscope with headlight and zoom function. The main advantage of the digital solution is that it allows the medical specialist to add high-resolution images on demand, such as 3D CT or MRI scans. All of this relevant information is available at a glance so that surgeons don’t have to walk over to a computer screen every time but can continue to concentrate on their work.

Not only does the HMDL reduce the risk of errors and complications, it also shortens the duration of operations. “The loupe has been designed so that surgeons can keep their heads in an upright position, helping to prevent back and neck problems,” says Jaap Heukelom, co-founder of I-Med. “In addition to its use in operating rooms, the digital surgical loupe offers promising potential for applications in medical education since images can be streamed live, allowing students to literally see through the surgeon’s eyes. The 3D viewer is a pair of VR goggles with very high image quality – an HMDL without cameras and portable PC – and has obtained medical CE certification.”