Jessica Vermeer
21 November 2019

Scale-up Newcompliance, residing in The Hague, has acquired 3 million dollars to finance expansion to the United States. The Series-A round was completed by investors Innovationquarter, Mayo Clinic and Noaber Ventures. The company’s innovative dashboards provide insight into and improve the efficiency and safety of surgical workflows at hospitals.

Newcompliance collects information from different systems and sensors, combines it and shows it on large displays in and around the OR. This allows the OR team to be maximally aware of all processes and protocols in place. This positively influences the workflow, costs, efficiency and patient safety.

Newcompliance control room
Credit: Newcompliance

The company is already the number one in the Dutch market. With over 5,000 hospitals compared to 79 in the Netherlands, the US offers great opportunities for growth. Entering this market is the first step towards expansion. At this time, Newcompliance is already live at three customers in the US.

Healthcare costs are rising worldwide. The complexity of surgical planning makes it difficult for hospitals to retain high efficiency standards. With their method, Newcompliance hopes to reduce both hospital-acquired infections and costs.