Paul van Gerven
6 July 2021

ITEC, Nexperia’s semiconductor equipment manufacturing division, has become a separate and independent entity within the Nexperia group. This will allow the unit to supply external customers with die bond and chip sort equipment, test platforms, inspection systems and factory automation control software.

Nexperia ITEC ADAT3 XF
ITEC’s ADAT3 die bonder. Credit: ITEC

ITEC was formed in 1991 as a division of Philips to provide semiconductor, RFID and mini-LED manufacturing equipment and systems. After subsequent divestments, it became part of NXP and then Nexperia. It currently has an installed base of 2,500 tools, which were involved in the production of over 90 billion semiconductor products in 2020.

“With the current worldwide shortage in semiconductors and lead times lengthening, ITEC – now as an independent company – is ideally positioned to support the exponentially growing industry,” commented ITEC’s general manager Marcel Vugts.