Collin Arocho
18 November 2021

Novio Tech Campus (NTC) and the East Netherlands development agency Oost NL are teaming up to further develop the Nijmegen campus. Currently housing 70 companies in the health and high tech domains, demand in office space, labs and clean rooms on the campus remain high. However, to compete with other tech campuses in the Netherlands and around the world, and to enhance the living and working environment, the two sides agree that investments in building and development are critical. Having crafted a letter of intent, the duo will now jointly work to grow the campus, particularly through the Gelderland Perspective Fund – a revolving fund of 200 million euros with a possible subsidy to finance an unprofitable top, which is carried out by Oost NL.

Novio Tech Campus
Credit: Novio Tech Campus

According to NTC campus director Bert Krikke, these kinds of investments are badly needed. “In the current form, it’s difficult for existing companies to grow and for new companies to establish themselves,” he says. “An important aspect of the development is also to retain employment in the region and to link talent to companies. We also want to create more of a community, with hospitality, a conference center and other facilities. We want to take the lead as NTC in the area development. For that, financing is necessary.”