Paul van Gerven
30 September 2020

NXP has announced the opening of “the world’s most advanced” gallium nitride (GaN) fab dedicated to the production of RF power amplifiers for 5G base stations. The 150 mm facility in Chandler, Arizona, which also houses an onsite R&D team, has been qualified and is in the process of ramping up production. Full capacity is expected to be reached near the end of the year.

NXP Chandler fab
Credit: NXP

“With 5G, the density of RF solutions required per antenna has exponentially increased – yet maintaining the same box size and reducing power consumption is mandatory. GaN power transistors have emerged as the new gold standard to address these dueling requirements, delivering significant improvements in both power density and efficiency. Nearly 20 years of GaN development expertise and extensive wireless communication industry knowledge uniquely position NXP to lead this next wave of cellular expansion for 5G,” NXP writes in a press release.