Nieke Roos
14 December 2020

Venray-based Phact has developed the control software for the Agbot, a self-driving tractor built by Agxeed from neighboring Oirlo. The software, created using .Net and the Outsystems low-code application platform, enables the vehicles to autonomously work the land. The system calculates the optimal route, taking into account circumstances and different agricultural instruments. This reduces waste and makes the tractor considerably lighter, which, in turn, prevents soil compaction while maintaining fertility and thus the soil’s profitability.

Agxeed Agbot
Credit: Agxeed

Based on Phact’s expertise in the field of the Internet of Things, the software controls the communication between the tractor and the cloud using routing data, safety data and data related to the electric propulsion. With the Outsystems platform, a central management environment has been realized. Agxeed can use this for real-time monitoring, optimal route calculation and even parts purchasing.