Paul van Gerven
19 October 2020

Semiconductor metrology company Nearfield Instruments has appointed a new CEO: Jos Maas, who previously served as the general manager of Thermo Fisher’s Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope portfolio. Maas takes over from co-founder Roland van Vliet, who will continue to serve as COO. The other co-founder, Hamed Sadeghian, retains his position as CTO but has also been appointed president of the company.

Nearfield Instruments Jos Maas
Credit: Nearfield Instruments

TNO spinoff Nearfield Instruments, operating from Rotterdam and Eindhoven, focuses on high-throughput scanning probe microscopy for semiconductor metrology. In a nutshell, it builds instruments that create high-resolution 3D images of wafer surfaces by scanning them with many needles in parallel. These images complement existing optical and e-beam metrology solutions, particularly for sub-10-nanometer device generations.

Last November, Nearfield secured B-series funding to introduce its first system on the market.