Collin Arocho
10 December 2019

Philips and the US-based computational pathology specialists at Paige have announced a strategic collaboration. The two are partnering to utilize AI-based assessment tools for faster and more accurate cancer identification. Specifically, using advanced image analysis and workflow software, pathologists will be better able to identify, quantify and characterize cancer in tissue samples and make precise diagnoses more efficiently.

Philips AI computational pathology.
Credit: Philips

While these AI-guided pathology tools could be used for a broad range of diseases, this partnership will start with the prostate. Several pathology laboratories have already converted their glass slide-based workflow to digital, using the clinically approved digital pathology solution from Philips. Once digital images are available, the CE-marked Paige Prostate software is applied automatically to detect and localize prostate cancer. This technology provides pathologists with valuable information they can use in their evaluation of prostate biopsies.