Paul van Gerven
17 May 2023

Photondelta and Oneplanet Research Center have unveiled the Integrated Photonics for Agrifood roadmap. It details the future role of integrated photonic technology in food production and distribution, maximizing yield and minimizing waste. Photonic sensors enable farmers to provide crops with the optimum amount of water, light and nutrients and to detect disease in an early stage. They can also help food producers to assess crop yield and quality.

One of the contributors to the new roadmap is Mantispectra, an Eindhoven-based startup that has developed a hand-held spectrometer for crop assessment. Credit: Mantispectra

Oneplanet is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University, Radboudumc and Imec. The institute focuses on digital technologies that improve health, the environment, agriculture and food. According to an assessment last year drawn up by the province of Gelderland, Oneplanet was involved in 185 projects with industry and other partner organizations. The institute is based in Wageningen (food and agriculture research) and Nijmegen (health-related).