Paul van Gerven
6 October 2020

Phix has secured an investment from Photondelta, the public-private organization tasked with boosting the Dutch integrated photonics ecosystem. In addition, Photondelta is providing the photonics packaging and assembly foundry based in Enschede with a loan. The size of the capital injection hasn’t been disclosed.

“This loan from Photondelta enables us to expand the equipment infrastructure towards volume production to facilitate our growing customer base,” says Phix CEO Albert Hasper. Last week, his company announced a partnership with German equipment manufacturer Ficontec, which also aims to scale up production of photonic modules to high volumes.

Phix automated chiplet assembly machine
Credit: Phix/Gijs van Ouwerkerk

Ewit Roos, CEO of Photondelta, comments: “Over the recent years, Phix has demonstrated its ability to drive a business towards success. Its activity is essential for the mass adoption of integrated photonics in general and provides the Dutch ecosystem with an important supplier for the packaging and assembly of photonic integrated circuits. That’s why we’re delighted to contribute to Phix’s next growth phase.”

Photondelta already invested in several Dutch photonics companies, such as Effect Photonics (tunable optical transceivers), Smart Photonics (photonic component manufacturing services), Technobis (photonic sensing) and a photonics-enabled corona test being developed by Lionix, Surfix and Qurin.


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