Paul van Gerven
26 January 2022

Alkmaar-based Photonfirst has launched a modular photonics sensing platform, allowing the company’s application engineer to swiftly configure a sensing platform for a new customer. With a targeted application time of one week compared to the multiple months to a year it takes now, Photonfirst expects to greatly reduce lead times.

Photonfirst Modular Photonics
Credit: Photonfirst

Based on optical fibers inscribed with microstructures called fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), Photonfirst’s sensing technology can be used for temperature, vibration, strain, acceleration and shape measurements. The modular approach employs standardized building blocks, which can be put together like Lego blocks, do not negatively affect performance, flexibility, scalability and cost, Photonfirst claims.

The introduction of the Modular Photonics product at the SPIE Photonics West conference and trade show in San Francisco also marks the expansion of Photonfirst into North America. The scale-up targeting an IPO in 2025 will establish a foothold in the United States to support existing local customers as well as further expansion.