Collin Arocho
25 May 2021

Light-converting coatings expert Physee has announced the closing of its Series A round of investment. After hitting the halfway point in January, hauling in 4 million euros, the TU Delft spinoff has announced it has closed the funding round with a total of 8 million euros going into its coffers. The influx of cash comes from new investors Phase2.Earth and Adunare, with additional support from repeat investors Job Dura and Edge. The new funds are earmarked to help fund the European rollout of its smart-skin solution Sense and accelerate the industrialization of its light-converting coatings.

Physee Sense
Credit: Physee

Launching at the end of 2019, Sense is a smart and sustainable building platform that uses sensors, solar cells and machine learning algorithms to render buildings smarter and more sustainable. The solution makes buildings 30 percent more energy efficient and aims to contribute to greater comfort, happiness, health and productivity in working environments. To do this, Sense analyzes data, such as temperature, light and air quality, and independently controls the building’s climate installations (such as blinds, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning) using self-learning algorithms. Sense is now completely wireless, which simplifies installation and chain integration.

“Our mission is to invest in companies with a great potential to bring about long-lasting sustainable change in sectors that may initially have been reluctant to innovate, such as the construction sector,” says Phase2.Earth CEO Boudewijn Poelmann. “However, we don’t simply invest in dreamers. We want to see the potential of great impact combined with commercial traction, as evidenced by Physee’s partnerships with major glass manufacturers, so we know that new products and solutions will be adopted by the market. We’ve known Physee for a long time and have carefully selected this participation as our first hardware-enabled software business and will support them to have global impact.”