Collin Arocho
14 October 2019

Pulsify Medical, the joint Imec and KU Leuven spin-off, just announced the closing of its seed funding round. Thanks to support from Imec.xpand, KU Leuven and University Hospitals Leuven, the medical technology start-up raked in 2.6 million euros to further develop its wearable ultrasound patches. Powered by the combination of Imec’s flexible ultrasound transducer technology and design expertise for transducers, thin-film transistors and system architecture, together with KU Leuven’s world-class knowledge of cardiac ultrasound imaging, Pulsify’s patch is seen as a non-invasive method for real-time monitoring of physiological conditions in the body, both while in the hospital and at home.

The Pulsifty team, with CEO Iwan van Vijfeijken on the right. Credit: Pulsify

“We envision a breakthrough in ultrasound-based medical imaging. Accurate and non-invasive cardiac monitoring will change current practice at intensive care units,” says Iwan van Vijfeijken, CEO of Pulsify Medical. “Our technology will follow patients’ basic health parameters all over the hospital and at home, without requiring the intervention of specially trained individuals to obtain and interpret results. Changes in the functioning of the heart will be signaled, allowing doctors to intervene.”