Paul van Gerven
28 March 2022

The Quantum Application Lab (QAL) has opened its doors for companies looking to explore the possibilities of quantum technologies to enhance their businesses. QAL will provide access to both hardware and expertise, focusing initially on optimization, simulation and machine learning applications. “QAL will evaluate and support its partners on their journeys towards ‘quantum value’ and ‘quantum advantage’ and help them develop R&D strategies and make investment decisions,” a press statement reads.

Quantum Delta NL
Credit: Marieke de Lorijn

The Dutch government is making significant investments in quantum computing, which is now making its way from the academic to the commercial realm. Though quantum technology is still in the prototyping phase, proponents would like end-users to start getting their hands dirty, so they’re off to a flying start whenever the computational power surpasses that of conventional computers.

QAL is a public-private consortium founded by the University of Amsterdam, CWI, TNO, TU Delft and the Dutch collaborative ICT organization for higher education and research (Surf). IBM Quantum will serve as a technology provider.