Paul van Gerven
1 April 2021

Enschede-based Quix has sold its first quantum photonic processor. The customer is the British company Qontrol, which specializes in control electronics and supporting infrastructure for complex, multichannel photonic integrated circuits (PICs) such as the one offered by Quix.

“This is great news for Quix. Qontrol is one of the leading quantum photonics technologies companies in Europe. This shows how we can meet the most stringent technological requirements for quantum photonics,” says Quix CTO Jelmer Renema.

Quix Qontrol
Credit: Quix

“We’re thrilled and honored to be the first to be able to kick the tires on Quix’s awesome new line of photonic processors,” says Josh Silverstone, Qontrol’s CTO. “With this device in our Bristol labs, we’ll be able to better understand and serve our customers’ needs, and particularly those customers wanting to put Quix’s technology to use. It will be a fantastic tool for us to demonstrate what our own products can do, too.”