Paul van Gerven
7 July

Photonic quantum processor developer Quix Quantum has secured a 5.5-million-euro seed investment from integrated-photonics accelerator Photondelta, frontier-investment fund and development agency Oost NL. The Enschede-based startup will use the money to upgrade its 20-qumode photonic quantum processor to a “game-changing” 50 qumodes – a qumode being the optical version of a qubit. “Increasing the number of qumodes from 20 to 50 takes the quantum machine from the equivalent of a laptop to a supercomputer,” reads a press release.

Quix Quantum

“Quix Quantum will play a vital role in the adoption of quantum computing because of its scalability and stable plug-and-play systems. This distinguishes it from competitors in the industry. Multiple systems are already shipped throughout Europe and it’s a matter of time until other parts of the world will recognize Quix Quantum’s unique capabilities as well,” comments Paul Pruijmboom, partner at

Quix expects to launch the 50-qumode processor in 2023.