Paul van Gerven
26 June 2019

Photonic quantum processor start-up Quix secured an investment from the Oost NL-managed Innovatiefonds Overijssel, the University of Twente and several private investors. The amount of capital raised has not been disclosed, but last March, co-founder Hans van den Vlekkert told Bits&Chips he was looking for five million euros.

Photonic quantum processors (link in Dutch) work by directing photons through a matrix of photonic components on a chip, during which quantum mechanical interactions take place. From these interactions emerges non-classical processing power. The proof of principle was demonstrated using an 8-by-8 matrix; the next step is to scale up the chip.

Quix targets the research community, which is eager to explore photonic quantum processing but up until now didn’t have the hardware to do so.

Credit: Quix