Paul van Gerven
16 May

Enschede-headquartered Quix Quantum and Switzerland’s QMware are setting up the world’s first fully integrated quantum-classical computing data center at Quix’s home base. The new facility is expected to come online in August 2023 and will provide application-specific performance enhancements resulting in up to ten times higher data processing speeds, the partners claim.

Quix specializes in photonics-based quantum processors and QMware in hybrid quantum-classical quantum cloud computing. The companies will co-locate the hardware onsite and integrate both computing paradigms with shared memory access on the high-performance computer under a unified Linux operating system. This new approach provides significant performance improvements and cost savings over existing commercial hybrid quantum services, the companies claim. Other vendors currently require web integration on separate computational stacks to orchestrate processing between quantum and classical hardware.

20201204 Quix RRA_8822

Quix’s photonics-based approach is a good fit for data center integration as it operates at room temperature and provides scalable quantum technology. QMware will use a broadband, low-latency optical fiber connection to directly attach its HPC computing infrastructure with simulated and native quantum hardware.

“We believe that the Photonics Quantum Processing units by Quix, integrated into QMware’s hybrid Quantum High-Performance Computers, are one of the most promising technologies to provide commercially sustainable quantum computing advantage,” says George Gesek, CTO and co-founder of QMware. “By integrating HPC infrastructure and Quix’s native quantum hardware at the deepest possible layer, we aim to provide a commercial quantum advantage at scale.”

“At Quix, we’re fully committed to making native quantum hardware accessible for early industrial applications. Optimizing energy grids, supply chains or traffic routing are just some of the examples that are under investigation in collaboration with QMware,” comments Quix CEO Stefan Hengesbach.