Paul van Gerven
10 June 2022

Photonic quantum computing startup Quix Quantum has appointed Stefan Hengesbach as CEO. He takes the helm from co-founder Hans van den Vlekkert, who is retiring from the operational side of the business but will remain with the company as director and shareholder. Hengesbach has an extensive background in photonics and quantum optics, previously serving as CTO and managing director of German quantum sensor startup Q.ANT.

Quix Hans van den Vlekkert Stefan Hengesbach
Stefan Hengesbach (right) and Hans van den Vlekkert. Credit: Gijs van Ouwerkerk

“He has both the practical and theoretical knowledge, which is vital to effectively and successfully manage the overall operations within the company,” comments Van den Vlekkert. “We are already able to sell quantum processors and are one of the few companies in the world to record real revenues from second-generation quantum technology. This is very rare in the significantly overheated and artificially inflated quantum technology market,” adds Hengesbach.