Paul van Gerven
14 October 2020

Qutech and Fujitsu have embarked on a collaboration to build a modular quantum computer based on diamond-spin qubits. The modularity refers to the ability of diamond-spin qubits to be optically linked, allowing for large quantum processors to be constructed by stringing many qubits together. Like any quantum computer, this ‘networked’ quantum processor requires a lot of peripheral classical computing power to function. By bringing together Qutech’s expertise in diamond-spin qubits and Fujitsu’s expertise in classical computer technology, both parties hope to accelerate the development of this take on quantum computers.

Qutech Fujitsu
Credit: Qutech

“This collaboration will enable us to further build our technology base, as well as our future opportunities to commercialize the technology. It, therefore, contributes directly to our mission to create an economic footprint in the Netherlands,” commented Kees Eijkel, director of business development at Qutech. “We anticipate that this collaboration will help Fujitsu leverage its computing technology to solve challenging issues confronting society,” added CEO Hirotaka Hara of Fujitsu Laboratories.