Paul van Gerven
8 December 2022

The Dutch government may at least partially fall in line with US export controls on semiconductor equipment to China, according to a Bloomberg report. Expecting an announcement as soon as next month, the Netherlands “could bar the sale of equipment capable of making chips designated as 14 nanometers or those that are more advanced.” This would mean ASML’s top-of-the-line DUV gear would join EUV scanners in being barred from sale to Chinese customers.

ASML Twinscan 1980Di
The Twinscan 1980Di is among ASML’s more advanced DUV scanners. Credit: ASML

Two weeks ago, Dutch Foreign Trade Secretary Liesje Schreinemacher said that the Netherlands “won’t copy the Americans measures one-to-one,” adding that the Netherlands will likely introduce restrictions based on its own assessments. The measures suggested in the Bloomberg report match those imposed on US equipment makers.

ASML opposes the ban, though it would barely affect financial results. Even if the company would become subject to the US export controls issued in October, its forecast of doubling or even tripling revenue by 2030 wouldn’t change, CEO Peter Wennink said at an investor event last month.