Paul van Gerven
6 April

Member states are set to approve an expanded-scope EU Chips Act on 18 April. The 43-billion-euro act announced last year initially focused on leading-edge semiconductors but has been extended to cover the whole value chain, including mature chips and R&D, insiders told Reuters. The legislation aims to increase Europe’s market share in chip manufacturing to 20 percent, up from 10ish percent currently.

European chip
Credit: EC – Audiovisual Service

Anticipating the adoption of the revised act, multiple companies have already announced fab expansions or greenfield fab construction projects. Intel intends to build a 20+-billion-euro leading-edge facility in Germany’s Magdeburg, although these plans are currently on hold. STMicroelectronics and Globalfoundries are teaming up for a 6.7-billion-euro FDSOI fab in France, Infineon plows 5 billion euros into expanding power semiconductor manufacturing and Bosch invests 3 billion euros in automotive semiconductor supply. TSMC is reportedly close to starting a trailing-edge facility in Germany as well.

Lawmakers proved amenable to adding support for innovation in nanoelectronics and digital technologies given Imec’s unique position in the global high-tech network, the report says.