Paul van Gerven
3 February 2021

Samsung is considering to acquire an automotive semiconductor company such as NXP, the Korean Times reports. The automotive chip business is a high-growth sector in which the Korean electronics giant has little presence at the moment. Samsung has confirmed that it’s actively seeking out opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, but it hasn’t revealed any details about its potential targets. Infineon, Renesas and Texas Instruments are said to be on Samsung’s shopping list as well.

Samsung building
Credit: Samsung

NXP was mentioned as an acquisition target of Samsung a few years ago, but that potential deal was side-lined when NXP agreed to be acquired by Qualcomm. However, the agreed-upon 44 billion dollar acquisition fell through when the Chinese authorities failed to give it the green light. Rumors of Samsung being interested in NXP surfaced again in 2019, though the Dutch chipmaker at that time had publicly announced that it wasn’t interested in any new deals as long as the risk of them being blocked because of political reasons was too high.