Nieke Roos
28 June 2022

Robin Radar Systems has entered into a strategic partnership with Saab. The Swedish defense and security company is going to incorporate the drone and bird detection systems from The Hague into the overall solutions it provides to its end customers. Both parties have signed an agreement that gives Saab access to Robin Radar’s complete portfolio for a range of international clients within the aviation and security sectors and assures the products’ supply for purchase by companies within the Saab Group.

Robin Radar Elvira
Credit: Robin Radar

“We’re looking forward to evolving a successful partnership with Robin Radar Systems to deliver a joint solution across a spectrum of global operations,” says Urban Lennheimer, Vice President and Business Development and Strategy at Saab’s business area Surveillance. “Their innovative range of counter-drone and bird detection radars helps consolidate the capability of our systems portfolio and will provide critical support for our customers’ domestic and overseas functions.”