Collin Arocho
24 November 2021

Dutch bird detection and classification expert Robin Radar Systems has announced its first entry into the US market. The Hague-based company revealed that aerospace giant Boeing will be its launching customer in the States, on a demo and trial case. In the agreement, the aerospace giant will deploy Robin’s Max avian radar at one of its American-based facilities, where it will be used in a six-month test aimed at mitigating the risk of bird strikes. At the conclusion of the six-month demo, the two will review radar data to assess its effect.

Robin Radar Systems
Credit: Robin Radar

The Max avian radar is Robin’s flagship detection radar. It’s a single sensor system, capable of providing full 3D information of all birds in the nearby environment. Touting the fastest rotation speed in the market, the Max system can track bird flight paths every second and display updates in real time on computers and mobile devices. Together with Robin’s in-house developed algorithms, the collected data is classified and organized to help create customized and effective wildlife management policies.

This agreement is the first step in Robin’s plan for a phased rollout in the US market, with the ambition to realize a firm position by 2022. “The contract is an important and proud moment for Robin,” says Siete Hamminga, CEO of Robin Radar. “Affiliated with a trusted and truly prestigious organization, the trial with Boeing is the first step as part of an ambitious plan to become an established name in the US market.”