Collin Arocho
12 May 2021

Just a few weeks after announcing a new partnership to develop robotic charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles, automated EV charging expert Rocsys has announced another successful round of investment. This time, the company hauled in 5.25 million euros, led by repeat investors Forward.One and Estonia’s Superangel fund. The Delft-based startup will use the influx of capital to scale up its activities throughout Europe and expand into the North American market with the launch of a new business unit.

Rocsys robotic EV charging solution
Credit: Rocsys

Rocsys’ patented soft-robotics technology and AI-based computer vision allow for safe and cost-efficient automation of the standard EV-charging connection. Its products can automate existing fast chargers up to 350 kW and MW-capable chargers in the near future, allowing electric vehicles of all types to be charged automatically within minutes. Together with a suite of site-automation services, remote support and API integration, operators can move to truly unmanned charging. This unlocks unprecedented functionality, performance and ROI, while simultaneously getting prepared for the era of self-parking and self-driving.

“The coming period will be pivotal for our business. We’ll move from technology development and commercial pilots to serial deployment. We’re ready for the future and very well positioned to engage the full market potential,” says Crijn Bouman, CEO of Rocsys. “Automation brings EV charging to the next level of reliability and performance. This is crucial to the success of EVs in large professional operations, for example operations depending on fleets.”