Nieke Roos
12 May

Forefront RF has appointed Ronald Wilting as its new CEO. Founded in 2020, the company from Cambridge, UK, aims to create an RF component business that makes multi-band smartphones, wearables and IoT devices simpler to design and more globally accessible. With Wilting on board, it hopes to speed up its journey to full fabless semiconductor manufacturer.

Forefront Ronald Wilting

Commercializing academic research from the University of Bristol, Forefront’s chip enables connected devices to operate across the increasingly wide range of (3G to 6G) mobile telephony frequency bands. The company’s adaptive passive cancellation technology uses software control to maintain the accuracy of passive RF cancellation circuits, enabling the receiver to ‘hear’ the weakest signals while transmitting at full power. This makes it possible to simplify the design and deliver frequency-agnostic products, whilst reducing cost and supply chain waste.

Wilting brings a wealth of experience in transforming early-stage technology concepts into mass-market solutions. He started his professional career at Ericsson in Emmen and subsequently worked at Philips Semiconductors and TDK Epcos/Qualcomm in Nijmegen, Qualinx in Delft and Semiblocks in ’s-Hertogenbosch. At Forefront, he joins the management team alongside founders Leo Laughlin (CFO) and Julian Hildersley (COO).