Paul van Gerven
11 January

Eindhoven-based SALD and German mechanical and plant engineering company Coatema Coating Machinery have announced a partnership to take spatial atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology into mass production. SALD will contribute its modular and scalable deposition head along with its process technology knowledge and Coatema will provide the roll-to-roll (R2R) machinery that handles the plastic or metal substrates.

SALD glovebox small
SALD’s research tool fitted with a glove box to perform ALD experiments in a controlled atmosphere. Credit: for SALD

“For decades, manufacturing engineers have dreamed of using spatial ALD in mass production. Now, we are crossing this threshold and, together with Coatema, are taking atomic layer coating technology from the lab to the fab,” says CEO Frank Verhage of SALD. “Partnering with SALD brings us the expertise for spatial atomic layer deposition, one of the most promising basic nanotechnologies for general industrial use, which can significantly improve numerous products in various industries,” adds vice president Thomas Kolbusch of Coatema.

The partners will initially target battery technology, electrolyzers and fuel cells.