Paul van Gerven
5 October 2022

Samsung Foundry targets mass production of 2nm chips by 2025 and 1.4nm by 2027, the company revealed during an in-house event. Concurrently, it plans on tripling its manufacturing capacity. Earlier this year, Samsung commenced 3nm-node production known as gate-all-around early (3GAE), which will get an upgrade to gate-all-around plus (3GAEP) next year.

Samsung fab
Credit: Samsung

Arch rival TSMC started 3nm mass production last month and also plans to kick off 2nm production in 2025 but ramp up in 2026. Intel is playing catch-up but has scheduled a 2nm node, called 20A, for mid-2024 and the 18A node for mid-2025. Please note all three manufacturers have different node definitions; density and performance aren’t necessarily interchangeable, despite using a similar node number.