Jessica Vermeer
12 June 2020

Schiphol and Hardt Hyperloop are continuing their collaboration. A joint study shows the hyperloop could be a suitable alternative for travelers on short-range flights in 2050. The study proposes a hyperloop network between Schiphol and several large, close-range airports in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Hardt estimates there to be about 73 million travelers within this network in 2050. The hyperloop might be a sustainable alternative for 12.5 million passengers.

Hardt Hyperloop timewarp
Credit: Hardt Hyperloop

Replacing short-range flights with traveling by hyperloop should make flight capacity available for the Amsterdam airport. In order to achieve this goal, Schiphol and Hardt are prolonging their partnership. Stefan Marges, research leader at the Delft startup, argues: “This study shows that the hyperloop is a valuable addition to the transportation landscape of the future. It presents the basis for the hyperloop to become a successful means of transportation in the years to come.”