Collin Arocho
7 May 2019

Scoozy, the light electric vehicle (LEV) platform, has announced the closing of a new round of funding. The Delft-based, mobility start-up hauled in 1.2 million euros of new capital to finance the growth of the business. This comes less than two years after raising 550,000 euros (link in Dutch) for the market launch of their new-age scooter. With this new investment, from both previous and some new investors, the company plans to scale up production and shift its focus to internationalization and the global market.

Touting four-wheel drive capabilities and a range of up to 100 kilometers, Scoozy aims to give users more freedom and independence. But safety seems to be a real point of emphasis, with claims to having already implemented recent recommendations of the SWOV traffic authority for improved safety of mobility scooters – advertising features such as an active braking system, intuitive steering, an independent suspension and smart sensors.

Photo: Scoozy

Having been independently certified to be on the road and having produced and sold their first series of next-gen scooters, it seems that investor enthusiasm is high. Production of a second series of 80 vehicles is currently underway and expected to be delivered later this year.