Jessica Vermeer
19 December 2019

Semiotic Labs and Schneider Electric recently announced a collaboration agreement. The companies have agreed to jointly sell a combined solution of Ecostruxure Asset Advisor and SAM4, broadening the French multinational’s service offering to now support the Leiden startup’s digital monitoring of rotating equipment.

Semiotic Labs’ SAM4 is a predictive maintenance solution for critical AC motors and rotating assets (link in Dutch). It predicts upcoming failures up to months in advance using electrical waveform analysis. It does this more accurately than traditional vibration-based predictive maintenance solutions. According to the companies, SAM4 is a natural fit with Schneider’s monitoring system for electrical equipment.

Semiotic Labs SAM4
SAM4 measures electrical waveforms from inside the motor control cabinet. Credit: Semiotic Labs

For Ecostruxure Asset Advisor clients, the benefits are robust asset reliability and valuable digital transformation. The combination helps minimize unplanned downtime of critical production assets. SAM4 utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide a maintenance solution that will drive improved asset management efficiency and effectiveness (link in Dutch).

Simon Jagers, founder of Semiotic Labs, commented: “The combination of our technology and Schneider Electric’s domain expertise and support organization provides additional value to our clients, including the capability to implement and support SAM4 on a global scale.”


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