Jessica Vermeer
11 December 2019

TNO spinoff Sensara has secured an extra investment of 4.4 million euros from KPN Ventures and Van Herk Ventures to accelerate growth in the US. The Rotterdam-based company develops smart sensor solutions that enable elderly people to live safely and freely in a familiar environment for as long as possible. The additional capital will be used to merge existing products into one cloud platform, which enables quicker and better scale-up. Furthermore, Sensara will invest in extra staff, expansion of its partner network and supporting marketing and sales activities in the US.

TNO, the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research, started research on supporting the elderly using smart sensor technology in 2002. This resulted in the founding of Sensara in 2013. The company now caters to over 350 healthcare organizations around the world.

Credit: Sensara

Recently, two American clients won awards for their innovative and effective applications of Sensara’s technology. “That also convinced our most important investors, KPN Ventures and Van Herk Ventures, of the potential for our solutions in the US,” says Sensara CEO Reinout Engelberts. “We consider this impulse from these companies as a lasting sign of confidence in the course of our business.”