Nieke Roos
19 April 2023

Delft-based Senseglove has raised 3.25 million euros in a series A round led by the new Dutch tech venture capital firm Lumaux. The funding is earmarked for the acceleration of the startup’s growth and innovation, with a focus on extending its global presence and advancing the haptic technology for its current Nova gloves. The investment will also be used to develop new hand haptic products and open an office in the US, to better serve the growing North American customer base.

Senseglove drill
Credit: Senseglove

By applying resistance through magnetic friction brakes, Senseglove emulates the feeling of size and stiffness. The Nova product incorporates four brakes dedicated to each finger from thumb to ring finger. Each brake delivers up to 20 N of force feedback, equivalent to the weight of a 2 kg brick on each finger. Transferred to the fingertips through mechanical wires, the different amounts of force make it possible to enhance simulations with a variety of virtual objects, from robust tools to fragile light bulbs. Unlike controllers, the haptic gloves allow the wearer to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it’s real.

Senseglove has been used by a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare and education. Both versions of its products, the DK1 and the Nova, have been implemented by over 500 companies worldwide to increase the effectiveness of virtual training. These clients include Volkswagen, Siemens, Scania, the Royal Dutch Army, P&G, Honda and Airbus.

Senseglove Nova
Credit: Senseglove

Based in Eindhoven, Lumaux is a recently founded investment fund for Dutch high-tech. It focuses on startups and scale-ups that combine hardware and software in robotics, energy transition and mobility. The diverse group of backers includes former entrepreneurs, family businesses and high-net-worth individuals. Senseglove is the fund’s first close. Lumaux representatives will join the company’s advisory board.

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Previously, Senseglove secured funding from various international investors, including Forward.One and Value Creation Capital. The total capital raised to date is about 5.5 million euros.