Collin Arocho
6 January 2020

NXP has selected the Mosaic solution from the Leuven-based Septentrio for integration into its V2X (vehicle-to-everything) development boards for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Mosaic is a compact high-accuracy GNSS receiver module that offers true multi-frequency, multi-constellation technology and is compatible with all available GNSS signals, including the US GPS, European Galileo, Russian Glonass, Chinese Beidou and Japanese QZSS satellites.

Septentrio GNSS
Credit: Septentrio

Septentrio’s advanced, field-proven algorithms exploit this signal diversity to deliver maximum positioning availability even in difficult environments, such as under foliage or in urban areas. Additionally, Mosaic uses jamming-resistant signal processing, which makes it robust against interference from nearby electronics that can obstruct navigation systems. Its design is centered around continuous, reliable high-accuracy positioning, making the solution suitable for safety-critical applications such as ADAS and autonomous navigation.

“Reliable lane-accurate positioning is vital for many road safety applications of V2X, such as queue and emergency stop warnings or blind spot warnings,” says Andrew Turley, Senior Director of Innovation & V2X Business Development at NXP. “Septentrio’s unique easy-to-integrate GNSS module provides field-proven, reliable and robust positioning. Integration of Mosaic into our reference design gives our customers a direct solution for developing these and other advanced V2X services.”