Collin Arocho
23 March 2020

GNSS positioning expert Septentrio has announced its Mosaic X5 will be moving into high-volume production. Touted by the Leuven-based company as a next-generation multi-constellation and multi-band receiver module, the Mosaic X5 is said to offer centimeter-level positioning to a slew of technologies like robotics, telematics and smart wearables, among others. This news comes just two months after it was announced that NXP had selected Septentrio’s Mosaic solution for integration into its V2X solution.

Septentrio Mosaic
Credit: Septentrio

Septentrio’s Mosaic X5 features a multi-frequency multi-constellation technology and is designed to receive every existing signal from all GNSS platforms, including American GPS, European Galileo, Russian Glonass, and more. With this signal diversity, it allows maximum positioning availability even in difficult environments, ie around tall structures or in forested areas. Additionally, the GNSS module is equipped with Septentrio’s advance interference mitigation technology, shielding the receiver from jamming or spoofing.