Paul van Gerven
19 June 2019

Signify Wednesday launched a new range of Li-Fi systems, branded Trulifi. Built or retrofitted into Philips LED luminaires, the optical wireless transceiver technology is capable of speeds up to 150 Mb/s in large spaces, such as warehouses or office floors. Users can freely roam the room, automatically and seamlessly switching from luminaire to luminaire as needed. For connecting stationary devices, there’s a point-to-point system with speeds up to 250 Mb/s.

Signify office_web

Li-Fi has a number of advantages over Wi-Fi. As light doesn’t penetrate walls and floors, optical wireless networks are harder to eavesdrop on. Furthermore, Li-fi can operate in harsh RF environments, such as industrial plants, or where RF waves are not permitted, such as airplanes or hospitals.