Jessica Vermeer
10 January 2020

Sioux Technologies will bring money and knowledge to the medical startup Xyall. Co-located in its investor’s Eindhoven HQ, Xyall focuses on automating tumor dissection processes. Sioux previously backed the precision tissue scan of Samantree Medical. Both innovations contribute to improved treatment of cancer.

Leon Giesen, CEO of Sioux Technologies, comments: “The future of the med-tech market is promising. Medical innovations will greatly influence our future healthcare. Digital transformation, robotization, long-distance and personalized care, prevention, prediction and early treatment are all trends in which high tech can make a difference.”

Xyall CEO Guido du Pree (left) and Sioux Technologies CEO Leon Giesen (right) in the assembly area of Sioux, where the Xyall systems will be produced. Credit: Sioux

The tissue scanner of Samantree Medical enables a doctor to visualize cancer cells on a chirurgical sample immediately within the surgery room. The automated solution of Xyall takes over tumor dissection from pathologists. Current procedures are labor intensive and prone to errors. With the Xyall system, over 60 samples per hour can be processed. It has standard quality control and the chances of cross-contamination are as low as 0.01 percent. Both the quality and time efficiency of the process will increase.

Xyall CEO Guido du Pree adds: “Our solution requires enormous expertise in technological domains such as optics, AI, medical robotics and data processing. A strategical partnership with Sioux was a logical choice for us, as they have all the necessary knowledge and experience to accelerate this innovation.”

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