Collin Arocho
14 October 2020

Sirius Medical didn’t waste any time since receiving its CE approval for its Pintutition system in June 2020. Now, just a few months later, the medtech startup is already announcing the first results of its clinical safety and performance study, which shows Pintuition is safe for use and performs exactly as expected.

Sirius Pintuition
The Sirius Pintuition system. Credit: Sirius Medical

The non-radioactive localization solution uses a small “seed,” which can be planted up to 180 days prior to surgery, to help oncologists locate and track smaller and earlier-stage tumors, aiding in the surgical removal of the cancerous tissue. “For the past few years, we’ve been using radioactive iodine seeds in our clinic. Its strict regulation puts an immense organizational burden on us,” says Maud Bessem, surgeon-oncologist at the JBZ Breast Center. “Sirius Pintuition provides us with the benefits of radioactive seeds, without the hassle of radioactivity. Additionally, its real-time directional and millimeter-accurate feedback is an improvement over our standard of care.”